GDI Pressure Sensor

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GDI Pressure Sensor - Смешные видео приколы

GDI Fuel Pressure Sensor

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Modern GDI or gasoline direct injection engines need various components to give the ECM some feedback on engine crankshaft and cam position and rate of change. The ECM also needs a very important value in addition to many other inferred parameters, it needs a fuel pressure value and gets this parameter from the fuel pressure sensor. With GDI the older fuel pressure sensor is a totally different device construction. It has to withstand about 2900 PSI of pressure or even more upon peak values.

As a rule, GDI fuel rails are much stronger and thicker in construction. Another difference in GDI as opposed to PFI is that on GDI upon cranking the engine, there has to be a rapid high fuel pressure rise. The engine will not start until there's enough fuel pressure in the high pressure fuel rail system. This means that the fuel pump's check valve and pump itself has to be at it's optimum at all times. Residual high pressure leaks also have to be minimized. During all this mayhem, it is the fuel pressure sensor the one in charge of keeping track of it all.

It is important to know that on GDI, the injection event can occur at either intake, or during compression. This mode of operation will .... Get the whole story right here in this video...Enjoy...

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GDI Pressure Sensor - Смешные видео приколы